Strong Roots to Feed the future

The origins of the company go back to the late 1950s when the first inter-company canteen was set up in Reggio Emilia, serving meals to workers from the city’s companies. But it was in 1992 that, from the union of three historic cooperatives of Emilia-Romagna active since the 1970s in collective catering, came to life what is now CIRFOOD. The growth has been continuous and today CIRFOOD is among the leaders of collective catering in Italy.

In January 2017, CIRFOOD took over the family business Cormet Enjoy the Good Life BV. At that time, Cormet had already been active as a caterer within the educational locations for over 25 years. In short: Strong roots to Feed the Future.

CIRFOOD: Composed of the Italian abbreviation 'CIR' (Cooperativa Italiana di Ristorazione) and the English word 'food'. 


We take responsibility for a sustainable future and surprise people with the miraculous Mediterranean diet. The cooperation we enter into with our clients is more than a contract. Much more. Our customers and their guests can count on our passion. The energy to serve delicious sustainable food and to offer our hospitality. Of course you can expect our high professionalism. But we become extra happy when the boundaries of formality fade and we sit down at the table together.


Innovation is in our DNA. On 22 October, 2022, our parent company in Italy inaugurated the 'CIRFOOD DISTRICT'.  A center dedicated to research and experimentation for innovation in the field of nutrition and food services, in which we seek collaboration with the government, companies, start-ups, research institutions, producers and education. Taste the future is the philosophy that underpins all activities and areas of the building. This is a space dedicated to sharing and spreading a cultural and social perspective on the future of food, based on the principles of sustainability and accessibility. Both in Italy and in the Netherlands, we are closely connected to education with which we share knowledge back and forth in order to improve the increasing the positive impact on the ecology and incorporating it into our food concepts.

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Financial stability and guarantees

CIRFOOD ITALY is thanks to the loyal support of its cooperatives – its own employees on the one hand and farmers and other sustainable food producers on the other – production in its home country of Italy. Our shareholder has a turnover of more than one billion euros. This gives CIRFOOD the clout to take our services to an ever higher level. Specifically, has the financial and operational resources to execute our strategic growth plan and to ensure that our continuity is guaranteed.

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Our uniqeness

Our way of doing business has to take on board a series of unique and distinctive values that we have established. These guide us in all our decisions, influencing the way we behave and therefore determining the direction of our future development. Because it is only by being aware of what we are today that we can build what we want to become tomorrow.

  • Cooperation: Results depend on the contribution of everyone.
  • Dynamism: Innovation creates opportunities for growth
  • Responsibility:  Our awareness of the value of every single gesture.
  • Authenticity:A company you can rely on
  • Imagination: Without culture, there is no imagination, and without imagination, there is no innovation.

The CIRFOOD Charter of Uniqueness is designed to describe and promote a business culture by conveying our value system and distinctive identity driven by the principles of FOOD, CULTURE AND PEOPLE.

The Cirfoodies

Working at CIRFOOD

Our employees are the heartbeat of our organization: they determine the success of our company. Thanks to them, we can share the enjoyment and quality of proper nutrition with all of society through sustainable development policies. That's why we value our people, help them develop their skills and encourage them to provide the best possible service to our customers. Every day! We stimulate personal growth through various training courses, courses and on the job coaching. 




Our sister company Belgocatering by CIRFOOD has been offering unique food and hospitality services in corporate catering in Belgium for more than 25 years. They also have extensive experience organizing events. An intimate party or a grand event: no matter how many people you want to share in your festive joy, their chefs and maîtres have the state-of-the-art kitchen infrastructure. In any place. CIRFOOD Nederland will not hesitate to deploy and involve our colleagues at major events or tenders in the Benelux.