Lifelong learning

We believe that school meals offer an opportunity to appreciate diversity, share experiences and contribute to the education of an evolved and aware populace. Our love of caring for people and our passion for good, healthy and delicious food connects perfectly with pupils, students and staff at schools, colleges and universities. Young people deserve a good meal and we know how to tempt them with enticing dishes packed full of nutrition. We offer a variety of formats to fit any school or campus environment.

Our principles for Educational Institutions

  • We cater for more than 100,000 students in the Netherlands
  • The Mediterranean diet is our guiding star for natural and healthy food
  • A healthy, varied and affordable offer (conforming to the national guidelines for healthy school canteens)
  • Awareness of students’ dietary choices
  • Food formats customised for size and selection 
  • Tailored solutions according to customer needs
  • Partner in sustainability reporting through our EcoVadis Platinum Certification
  • CIRFOOD sustainability education programmes
  • Weekly consultation and fine-tuning of the range offered
  • Fair pricing with information about actual costs
  • A responsible range of sustainable products

Feed the future

CIRFOOD's vision aligns seamlessly with education. A concern for people and nature is central to everything we do. In schools and universities, students, teachers and staff shape the future together. They deserve healthy, varied and affordable meals. Every day.

Making sensible choices about food and drink is not always easy for young people. But we don't believe in forcing them. We prefer to use our experience, expertise and creativity to make healthy food enticing. Our bistros, Grab & Go's and coffee corners are bursting with amazingly delicious food, attractively presented and packed with nutrition to give brains an energy boost. Not for nothing is our motto: Feed the future!

CIRFOOD turns a vision into reality

Healthy eating at School and University

We provide attractive, varied and healthy food and drink in our restaurants. Surprising flavour sensations and recognisable products encourage students to choose healthier options, both consciously and unconsciously. Good catering encourages students and staff to stay at school or on campus between lessons. Our Healthy School Canteen ambassadors, Huub Luikenaar and Shalane Kraijema, work hard behind the scenes to ensure all our restaurants comply with the Nutrition Centre’s guidelines for school dining environments (website in Dutch). They are constantly tweaking our offer and its appearance to positively influence young people’s choices in the canteen. We strive to ensure our restaurants make it easy for pupils, students and staff to make healthy and sustainable choices every day.

Case study: Hello Summer!

What do you do when you are asked to close the academic year with a bang? You pull out all the stops of course! CIRFOOD created a real festival vibe for this special university celebration. We set up 11 enticing food stations, which included driving in seven food trucks for the occasion.  We travelled the culinary globe with a range of country-themed dishes. Of course, we made sure there was plenty of choice for meat lovers, as well as vegetarians and vegans, and we crowned the feast with a cheese board no less than six metres long! Organising Hello Summer was a party for us – and it was a party to remember for our guests.

Case studies

We develop a customised concept for every client collaboration. One that fits the needs and aims of the organisation. Whether it is a fully vegetarian restaurant, a high-end Faculty Club, a concept for an entire campus, or an espresso bar. We are happy to discuss all the possibilities and come up with a tailormade solution for your establishment(s).

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If you’re wondering how we provide thousands of students with fresh coffee, nutritious lunches and delicious snacks, our education specialist Mark Voorhaar will be happy to show you in person what we mean by the Mediterranean diet and what the available options are.

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