Anti-discrimination policy

We are aware of the value of offering equal opportunities to everyone. From a broad and multifaceted service around 'work', we visibly contribute to diversity and equal treatment. Both in the workplace and towards the immediate environment of many of our people. More differences in nationality, age, gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation, as well as differences in work experience, knowledge, skills and cultural background, help to achieve one of our important goals; Keeping our regions attractive for work and to live in. By giving everyone equal opportunities - we believe - the labor market functions better. In this way, we contribute to job retention and growth and support livability in our region in the best way possible.

CIRFOOD's anti-discrimination statement reads as follows:

  • We encourage diversity in the workplace. Both internally and with our clients;
  • We do not respond to discriminatory requests;
  • We encourage and assist our employees on how to engage in discussion when
    they are confronted with a discriminatory request;
  • We report these internally to the supervisor / management. This in order to keep track of what our
    our environment asks of us and how we deal with it;
  • We are alert to respond immediately as soon as discrimination occurs, in whatever form.

Would you like to know more? Or do you think there are things we can do better in this area? Then please get in touch with us. This can be done very simply by sending an email to . Or by sending us a letter (Cirfood, Attn: Human Resources, Capellalaan 65, 2132 JL Hoofddorp).
In both cases, please; attn: Manager HR and please mention 'confidential'.

We would like to engage in a dialogue to ensure that what is written above is experienced as such by everyone who counts on us